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Why facebook really sucks

The Foto tagger!!
They try to tagg u even wen u r not in their foto, these means they are indirectly expecting u to comment on their foto..dont comment, instead tagg them back to a foto of gorilla.

The crazy commenter!!
These are the bunch of fools who doesn’t have any work other then using facebook. They seem to comment everything u post. Just delete their comment

Crappy Gamer
The invites and updates will never end no matter how much u ignore.

useless Quizes
U must hav been tired of it by now.

Fake profile pictures
These group of people are either too old to get chicks or very very ugly. so they try to put a cute child’s or korean Actor’s picture on their profile. Don’t accept them they’re Pig.

Never ending good bye
There is no end to good bye….they will keep on saying good bye, c ya, tcre…n lots almost for 3 hours

Created by creative donkey
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