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Some Girly Things That make Guys Wonder!

High heels
Why put it when they aren’t at all comfortable walking in it, when they have every chances of falling any moment. Or does that mean that  you always needed it to lie that you actually are tall? You cheat!

Large earring
Ooh! too heavy, too heavy my dear….your ears aren’t that strong, don’t hurt them.

Tring….tring….huh again missed call!
Even when they have full voucher they still prefer to give that irritating miss call. Someone please go and tell her that giving a miss call isn’t a nice way to tell someone how much you miss them. Come on girls…after all boys aren’t Bank of Bhutan!

Looking hot doesn’t means you have to ignore cold.
When we cannot even bear the cold in a north face jackets and jeans we still find some feeling cold looking hot girls in short skirts. Don’t punish yourself so much baby, you aren’t any criminal.

Mini Hand bag?
What? Are you expecting us to carry your entire make up stuffs and mobile phones?
Sorry we can’t…just go darling, change your bag.

Why keep it in Living room when they are actually meant for the kitchen.
Just showing that you actually have all those plates, wine glasses, cups and I don’t know what they call that one..! or does that really means you are still a Philips radio in an iPod generation?

Gowns that moans
Why spend your whole month’s salary on it when we don’t even see you wearing it once?

Why use a product which they don’t trust?
We have seen almost all of them use sunscreen but still they fear to face the sun.  A total protection from the sun?  You don’t trust this phrase..?  or others wear and you were…ha ha can it be as cool as that?

Teddies in daddy’s room?
Why spend so much of bucks, when you use teddy as a decorative piece. Not a nice idea! A humble suggestion, why not buy some paintings instead?  We bet you’ll like the idea.

Make-up factor
Why take all the troubles of removing the makeup before going to the bed when you were almost an hour late to the office for applying all those things. Cant you keep the same thing for the next day? save money, save time, save your boss’ Rap song when you are late.

Miss you,s and love you,s?
Whenever they have nothing to do, they start to forward those already created, ready to use messages. I wonder how many guys got the same message. we wont reply you this time, sometimes we are not thinking about you. Live with it.

Slouchy boots in fashion?
But to our eyes you look like Santa clus on his way to church with Christmas gifts or as if you are ready for lets kick him!

Belt it up
No matter whatever the reason is but a huge kera really gives you an impression of a pregnant woman trying to hide it up. If so can we go about campaigning all from befor?
safe sex, use condom!

Long is wrong
Seems like we don’t need a sweeper as we can see our girls sweep the floor as they walk by with their long floor length kira.

Am i gaining waight, darling? “no”, dont lie. “Yes”, dont lie, “You are so slim”, you are lying again. “you are fat” and you throw that makeup set at us. What should we say?
If you think you’re fat, you probably are. Don’t ask us that silly question. We refuse to answer.