About me 2

I don’t know why I made second ‘About Me’ page but who cares. Probably I was high. Or maybe my pet monkey made it for me.

37 thoughts on “About me 2

  1. girlnextdoor

    Great work! You have a true gift- you can make people laugh. 🙂
    Thanks for hitting the ‘Like’ button on my post.

  2. loniduek

    Thanks for stopping by
    I hope you like my paintings and articles,thoughts and whatever comes into my mind or out of it
    I’ll be checking yours

  3. Stuff Charles Does

    Hi – I noticed you liked one of my posts. Your blog’s a lot better than mine 🙂 so thanks for that.

    Also came here to notify you that my blog has moved to stuffcharlesdoes.wordpress.com

  4. juliehhicks

    Hey there, Creative Donkey – thanks for stopping by and liking my post! (A slightly belated thanks, yes, but from a heart with glee nonetheless). Hmmm…I honestly did not intend to sound like Dr. Seuss on that last bit.

  5. ankurvidya

    Hi Thank YOU for liking my blog. Just ain’t sure how you landed up there… but still. I find the way you put across things quite novel and interesting…. 🙂

  6. Jewels

    Hahaha! Or maybe your pet monkey was high…
    But hey thanks for stopping by my blog today and for liking my post. 🙂

  7. LilMissJoan

    You keep liking some of my posts and it is my only hope that you do like them…:)
    I write the drama, you make them laugh,
    Let’s keep posting to those who would bother to visit and I know one artist to another that knowing someone has liked your work and really did, is more than enough to move our hearts…

    1. Creative Donkey Post author

      Yes dea.. I really liked ur work,…. I was going on reading ur posts… keep going and keep the good work. Out of 300,000 blogs in wordpress, if someone likes ur post, it really means you are doing great.


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