37 thoughts on “10 Horrible types of Lovers

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  2. shammee

    lolz….. that was pretty amazing hilarious post , the facts enhanced with the touch of sense of humor & funny pics , you really included each type …

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  4. smilepua

    This is probably one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time! Also thanks for liking my blog!

  5. foundations4marriage

    I must say, 10 horrible types of lovers was not just creative as your name denotes, but also hilarious. I chuckled, then giggled and ultimately laughed with a hearty (OMG) attached to it. Just wanted to drop you a jingle to tell you, very funny but also eye opening.

  6. lifewithcassie

    Really funny, but painfully true. BTW, I had a “relationship” with #5. (Use that term -relationship–loosely). Do I contact you about punishing him? Honestly, I needed to laugh. Thank you.

  7. judithsmarkworld

    This is the first time I have been on your blog, and this is my first read! I LOVE it! Great job! I am now a follower!

  8. iluvmykitchen

    Hi, thks for droping by my blog! How the hell did you manage to find my blog?!! In any case, really glad that you “like” my post coz otherwise I wouldn’t have found yours! Your comics really very funny, especially like your avatar 🙂 pls keep up the good work….btw, maybe you can draw something about difficulty passwords and funny ways people do remember them (damn it, i almost struggled to log in wordpress)? I am one of the victims…Ciao…oh btw, my pet maltese’s name is Momo…


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