Funny Letter from my bro

This is Binod, creative donkey’s brother.. This is my email n hope you will forward me lots of animated cat picture, flying buffalo picture, n lots of free ringtones…. specially I like the laughing-drunken-pig makes me spiritually rich..
After u have replied me I will also give your Email ID to my retarded fren… he gazes n laughs even at the flying birds.. he likes to collect sticks n rusted nails… n on lunch break he dances for us n we pay him money n later on we can sell him his own sticks to get back our money!!
Yes I ran away from home before last year.. I sold dad’s cycle to a nearby villager n then came to Thimphu with that money.. It was fun….I got to learn what prodigal son went through….. I was caught by Prakash Baboi n after being verbally abused I was sent back to Gelephu!!
My brothers are awesome.. mom said that wen they were kid they would set fire on live goat n enjoy!! Hi5!! I hate goats because they are shameless creature doing dirty things in front of every one.

Yesterday I saw Lord jesus in dream, he told me that if we don’t believe in him we will die in eternal lake of fire. I was sad, Jesus told me that I should really read Bible.. n yes I am reading Bible.. In fact I will quote u verse from Matthew 11:18 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”. See I listened to jesus.
You know we had a neighbor named jesus… He was awesome with long hair n magnificent beard & well waxed mustache. But he is spoilt now.. I heard he drinks nothing but beer. please do not follow him!!
Do u love pets? I always wished I had pet Monkey so that i can use it to slap my neighbors, use him to switch channels on my TV thus saving remote control batteries, I can use him to gel my hair, dance for me, teach him to type password for my computer, steal vegetables from neighbors garden!!|
Despite getting beaten on daily basis n hourly scolding I still Love my dad! I love my mom also.
Thanks for reading my email; Hope u will recharge my Cellphone every week!! In return I will pray to god for your well being and prosperity!!

Ur luving Brother,

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