18 thoughts on “five reason to always carry a sickle where ever you go

  1. Marsang Dolma

    I realy love ur blogs post Binu sir…..its realy grt….n i realy feel gald 2 go thru…..
    N 4m dis blog i came 2 knew dat v sud keep distance wit a person who carries sickle…..haha.. 🙂

  2. chaby

    Bro .. this is awesome…
    You know this reminds me of the rowdism …. Ha ha ..
    Well this still exists in some remote parts of Tamil Nadu…
    Well about ur wrk, thats awesome…

  3. ugyen choden

    wow….u remind me hw we use to carry sickle in GHSS to wrk bt by ur creative wrk i came to knw wat sickle can do as u mentioned…hw a guy wins gal wit sickle….so sweet……u r reli a greative man maiii….keep it up…

  4. kelzang wangmo

    This is so funny…reminded me of how we used to carry sickles to school, wrapped around carefully with thin sheets of paper to protect ourselves from getting hurt. I can imagine the power and authority u earn with a sickle…like the one u mentioned. The best i liked is the one were the guy with the sickle wins the girl 😛 hahaha…i hope guys in GHSS don’t follow it (i have sisters there). hehehee,,,nice work


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