How to be an Emo

(Dangerous, don’t try at home!)

Emo is a fashion, Emo is a genere, Emo is a disease. Disease where young teenager hate themself n love to hurt themselves.  Despite the fact emo sucks a lot, we can actually see a drastic rise in the number of emo kids each year. Let me teach u how to be EMO.

  1. All Emo people has to darken their eyes. (Wether you use eye-liner or water colors or a grounded charcoal it’s up to you, just get it done, quick).
  2. An Emo people should have straightened hair with stripped dye highlight. (like a tiger)
  3. An Emo People should love to hurt themselves. (Cut your hand with blade or pierce with needle. Remember you’ll have to enjoy it.
  4. An Emo person should have the same expression no matter whatever the situation is. (Always be serious, don’t laugh even if it becomes unavoidable sometimes just say ha…and back to serious looks.
  5. An Emo person should not have tidy home. (keep your house shabby, through your shoes here and there, dump your cloths under the bed. Don’t clean toilet, a stinking shoes, tear photos, break glass etc…).
  6. An Emo people doesn’t like to be in groups. (Always be alone, don’t open up to people and above all remember to have  that serious expression always.
  7. An Emo person doesn’t like rules, they always go against it. (Go to school in another dress, don’t listen to teachers, wear different pairs of shoes, don’t do home work.
  8. An Emo people should wear choose jeans. (Let you jeans just fit tight to your skin, i understand you,ll have problem wearing it. Well, this are few sacrifices you should do if you really want to be an Emo.
  9. An Emo should know Emo song. (Always sing loud, make a noice in the class)
  10. An Emo should act crazy. (Act like a mad man, always over react).
  11. An Emo must play guitar in style. (I know that you don’t know how to play guitar….don’t worry act as if you know)

    And Last but not the least, Emo Sucks!

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